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Tranny Surprise Video – Blow This Monique

Another fresh week and time to see another amazing and hot tranny video update today. In this new and hot scene you get to see the superbly hot and sexy babe Monique. The sexy little lady has the prettiest blue eyes that you can ever hope to see and you can bet that she is a true expert at taking cock in her eager holes too. So take the time to see her in action for this awesome scene and watch this cutie show off her amazing oral skills as well. We can bet that you will be impressed with her and this babe is sure to come back in the future as well with many more amazing scenes.

Well today the babe was busy taking some nice and fresh cock in her tight little ass and it was quite fun to see her at play. As the scene starts off, you get to see her straight off taking that nice and big cock in her ass as she also gets to stroke her nice and hard dick as well today. Well she was moaning loudly as the nice and huge cock was stretching her ass so you know that she was enjoying herself too. And as the guy is about to shoot his load, she pulls out and lets him blow his jizz all over her pretty face and nice round tits. Have fun with it and do check out the past scenes as well to enjoy more sexy shemales fucking! Also you can enter the ladyboygold site and watch some slutty trannies sucking and fucking!

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Cock Passion Nicoly

Today, tranny surprise brings you a babe that you got to see in the past and namely that happens to be miss Nicoly and her lust for cock. She knows that you guys just adored her in her last scene here and she intends to have as much fun as possible with this new one as well for you. She was as ready as last time to get some serious cock and we know that you will just love seeing her in action too. So let’s not waste time anymore and let’s just get the show rolling to see this cutie riding some nice and hard cock.

Her scene today starts off with her and the dude sitting on the couch and talking a bit. Well as you will see, the sexy little babe was wearing quite the sexy swimsuit because she just came back from the pool with this lucky stud around her arm today. So long story short after a nice sunbathing session, this babe got her eyes on this this stud. And she was very much intending to have him fuck that nice and tight ass of hers. So sit back and watch this lovely babe riding his cock all afternoon long today! Also you can enter the site and watch some similar videos featuring some cock hungry trannies! Enjoy!

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Tranny Surprise – Millena

We have another amazing scene to show off this new week for you guys. In this one you get to see the sexy and slutty blonde shemale Millena in action as she gets to have a nice and big cock all to herself today. So let’s just take the time to see her in action as she gets to have some sexual fun with this stud this afternoon. We can say for certain that you will see her in future updates as well as this little cutie is just the most amazing thing to see at play. So let’s just get her scene started to see her fuck.

The scene starts off with the babe making her entry to the scene and starting to undress. She was wearing quite the sexy and hot little dress too, and underneath it she had literally nothing. So take the time to see her as she parades her sexy and round tits first and then see her taking care of this guy’s fine meat pole when he comes in the picture too. Watch her sucking and slurping on that cock until she gets a mouthful of jizz when the guy blasts his load onto her face and in her mouth today. Have fun guys! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, join the site and see other slutty shemales sucking cocks and getting ass fucked!


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Hot Tranny Michely

Well here we are again with a new and hot tranny surprise update for you to see. For this one we have the sexy little beauty named Michely and her lovely scene too. She’s one sizzling hot and sexy brunette with a thirst for sex and she does what ever she can to make sure that she can enjoy it every day too. Well for this one, the lovely babe got herself quite the stud and much like Evelyn in a past update, she has this guy fuck her nice and hard for the afternoon. So let’s just see her in action and having fun!


Well this brunette tranny is quite naughty and kinky too, and before she let the guy anywhere near her cute and sexy ass, she decided to let the guy play with her nice and hard cock too. So take the time to sit back and watch her having him sucking and deep throating that cock of hers too. After that it’s the usual business and you get to see this simply adorable cutie of a shemale as she takes it in the ass all over the living room today. We hope that you enjoyed your stay and we will be seeing you next week with some more new and hot scenes. Until then, you can watch this great shemale idol video and watch other hot trannies fucking! Have fun!

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Shemale Hottie Beatricy

You guys have been patient once more and it’s time to reward that patience with another sizzling hot and sexy scene with another sexy and cute shemale babe. For this scene you get to see sexy little miss Beatricy in action as she also gets to get down and dirty with a lucky stud. And as always, you can rest assured that it’s quite the show to see with these kind of babes too. So let’s get straight to the action as this little lady’s scene is simply a sight not to miss today under any circumstance everyone.

The cameras begin to roll and the cutie makes her entry wearing a nice and cute little floral top. The thing is that the cutie wasn’t packing any undies today and you could see that she was turned on as she had nice little boner sticking trough the shirt. Well no problem for this guy as he was all over it and ready to please her today. Take the time to see the whole thing go down as the babe sucks his cock and deep throats it too and then you get to see her fucked nice and hard in the ass as well! If you liked this scene, you can enter the blog and watch another horny shemale sucking some dicks!


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Tranny Surprise – Allessandra

Another fresh week and time to see another amazing and hot update today. For this one we bring you the hot and sexy tranny lady named Allesandra. This brown haired beauty packs some simply delicious curves and a nice and big cock too. Well you can rest assured that today you get to see plenty of this little babe in action as she gets to have as much cock as she wants for the afternoon. So let’s get the cameras rolling and see her in her action scene without delay for this one shall we everyone?

tranny-surprise-allessandraAs you can see, little miss Allesandra here also has some very nice and round tits too and it seems taht guys just adore to play with them as much as they can. Of course, this little beauty lets him do just that as that just serves to turn her on even more. So have fun with this scene and see her sucking and slurping on some serious cock with a passion as the guy lets her munch on his nice and thick meat pole for the afternoon. And to end it all with a blast you get to see her cute face creamed as well today! If you wanna see another sexy shemale sucking cocks and getting ass fucked, enter the site!

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Tranny Evelyn Rangel

For this week’s new trannysurprise scene we have some more new and hot scenes with another superb tranny cutie today. And her name is Evelyn Rangel. You see, miss Evelyn here is a superbly sexy and beautiful blonde. And she just adores to have a nice and hard cock slid in her ass every now and then. Well today she gets some nice and big black meat for this fuck scene and she takes her time to enjoy it too. Let’s get to see her in the superb and hard core fucking action and let’s get this show started without any more delays.

This is one superb and hot scene that you cannot miss everyone, especially if you want to see a nice and sexy blonde babe with a nice and big cock taking it in her sweet ass. So watch her undressing this guy and whipping out his nice and big black cock to start working it. You get to watch her sucking and slurping on it with a passion and she then lets the guy thoroughly stretch out her tight ass with his nice and big black cock too today. Have fun with her superb scene and see you next week with new content! Check out the transsexual roadtrip site if you wanna see other sexy trannies getting their asses hammered!


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Joyce in Want More

Today you get to enjoy another new and hot trannysurprise update. For this one we have the sexy and hot babe named Joyce and her superb fuck scene for the afternoon. She went out and picked herself a nice strapping stud to bang for the afternoon and as you will see it worked out quite nicely too. So let’s get to see the action without delay as we bet that you are also eager to get to see this superb little babe getting her nice and tight little ass getting penetrated balls deep by some nice and hard cock today.


Joyce here is just the most sexy and lovely little tranny that you can ever hope to meet. So take the time to see her taking this guy for a wild ride today. Watch her getting down and dirty and sucking on his nice and thick meat pole with a passion today to get it rock hard first. Then she gets to spread her legs for him and you get to watch this babe take a nice and hard missionary style ass fuck from the stud. We hope that you enjoyed it and we will be seeing you next week as always with some more new scenes everyone!

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Today’s Surprise Sabrinna

Hey there once more everyone and welcome back to a new and superb little tranny surprise update today. This week’s fresh and hot babe is named Sabrina and she is a blonde little ladyboy that just adores her ass fucking sessions. For this afternoon she gets to get it on with this lucky stud and enjoys this whole afternoon as she has his nice and big cock stuffed balls deep in her cute ass. So let’s just get to it and see the little babe taking it hard style just for you and the cameras as well. So let’s get the show on the road without delay.

For this scene you get to see the sexy tranny getting her ass stuffed in the privacy of her own bedroom and she gets the guy all to herself like we said. So take the time to see her working his nice and big cock with her juicy lips first and foremost. Then when she had his cock rock hard for her ass, you get to see the babe spreading open her long sexy legs for a nice and deep ass fucking from him too. So have fun with their nice and hard sex scene and do come back next week for some more new galleries! Also you can watch some free videos of shemales inside the blog. Have fun!


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Tranny Surprise – Laisa

Hey there guys. We are back with another amazing and hot surprise update today for you guys to see. In this one we bring you the sexy and hot tranny babe Laisa for this one. Now Laisa is a very cock hungry little babe and she’s always down to recieve a nice and hard dicking in her cute and eager tight ass too. You can also check out the sexy and horny babe Rakel and her superb fuck scene last week here too if you fancy seeing some more naughty trannies taking some serious cock in the ass. Anyway, let’s just get this show on the road to see the cute and hot Laisa in action for this afternoon shall we?


We know that you guys are eager to see this cutie as well as she’s quite the horny little slut. Take the time to see her showing off her superb and perky round tits as soon as the guy comes in the picutre and then you can see her whipping out that nice and big cock of his. Of course she was pleasantly surprised to find that the guy was packing quite the sizable cock as well. So take your time to enjoy as you get to see Lasia going down on the meat pole and sucking it with a passion too. Watch her get a nice and hard dicking after she gives the oral as well and enjoy seeing that nice and cute ass fucked balls deep today everyone.

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